About Us

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Icy Mo

Malaysian-born Icy comes from a family of cooks and worked in property. She arrived in London just before the first lockdown, which allowed her to develop her skills as a baker of Malaysian sweet treats.

Aaron Mo

London-born Aaron completed a Planning Studies PhD about community regeneration. The study developed his excellent data analytics and soft skills. His friendliness and ability to connect with neighbours and community groups helped the bakery become a place where customers ask for recommendations around the area.

Yuk Ying Mo (The mother)

Ong Ong Buns was originally a husband-and-wife team; Aaron’s mum joined since the shop opening. Yuk Ying is from the Hakka tribe of Hong Kong. Therefore, she have the experience of baking classic HK buns and vegan Chinese sweets, like sweet potato pancake. A rare London treat.